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Manage Your Stress & Reduce Your Pain

"Research has found that stress hormone (cortisol) Levels are lowered immediately following Massage Therapy" 

 Touch of Grace  Massage & Nutrition      

 Addressing the Issues of the Tissues from the Inside Out!

Here at Touch of Grace we offer a chemical free safe environment away from the unpleasant smells such as perms, dyes, acetones and nail polish. We also offer a quiet one on one experience in a Clean Private Setting so you can just come and destress. Touch of Grace has a wide variety of quality Wellness Therapies to customize and address the needs of each individual client, whether it be our Stress Management (Light to Medium) Massage or Hot Stone Therapy to melt away your stress, our  Pain Management Massage(deep tissue) to address the knots & tight bands and reduce pain for better mobility, Cold Stone Therapy to address inflammation and relieve all kinds of headaches,  Our Additional therapies such as  myofascial release to decrease tension & pain in the muscles and better mobility, Raindrop Therapylymphatic massage to balance the body and build a strong immune system or Our Infrared Sauna Therapy with a whole host of benefits And last but most importantly Our Bioenergetic Health Assessment for true preventative health care.

What ever your needs are we are here to help you acheive your  

Health and Wellness goals.

What we are not is ... a big box chain, at Touch of Grace we are all about

Personal One on One Natural Health Care and

Adressing the Issues of the Tissues. 


We now offer Bioenergetic Health Assessments that is  highly accurate computerized testing equipment that recognizes health issues to get the right nutritional support to truly 
"address the issues of your tissues from the inside out."

  We believe if you feed the body the right Nutrition, from this earth, it will heal itself.

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Thank you for choosing Touch of Grace Massage & Nutrition and allowing us to serve you with all your Stress Management, Pain Management & Wellness needs!  


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